How can I disable the local-search in explorer?

In explorer, if I press WIN + S, the local-search pops up in the bottom right corner firstly, if press WIN+S again, the global-search pops up in the center of the screen. But I just need the global-search, don’t need the local-search, I know I can disable Listary in current application, but if I do this, the MENU ( mid-click or double-click) is also disabled!

I mean I want to disable the local-search but keep the MENU in explorer, because I like the Favourite and History in listary menu very much!

Sorry that this is not support currently :frowning:

There is a lot of similar apps for windows that add favorite list to Explorer windows. If you don’t want to use some of main Listary features, I guess it’s just not appropriate app for you.