How can I configure Listary to open XYplorer in new tab?

As the title said, I want to configure XYplorer to always be opened in new tab? Is there any way I can achieve it?

By the way, I want to ask if there is a way to prevent Listary to remove the index of the removable disk? I don’t want it to rebuild index every time I connect my PC with the removable disk.

Also, as I mentioned in the other topic. When I open XYplorer, the “Find as you type” feature only works with the other pane. Therefore, I have to enable dual pane and select the other pane for “Find as you type” to work. Does anyone know why it behaves like that, or maybe, the solution?

Do you want to open folders in new tabs when using Listary inside XYplorer or outside of XYplorer?

Not now, but I can see this feature is useful and I’ll add it.

Sorry that I still can’t reproduce or address this issue.

If possible, I want Listary to open XYplorer in either inside and outside of XYplorer.

By the way, along with XYplorer, I am using Qttabbar + Windows Explorer. I can achieve said thing by using the context menu “Open in new tab”. Is there a way to make it to be default action when hitting Enter?

I don’t think so. I’ll make the open method more configurable in future versions.