Hotkey Mode! Listary Beta 4.01.1237 is now available

If you found that keyboard navigation is not as smooth as other parts of Listary, I’m happy to introduce the new hotkey mode.

When Listary is showing search results, just press Ctrl once (don’t hold it).

Some hotkey mode hotkeys:

  • j: Down. Next item.
  • k: Up. Previous item.
  • l: Right. Enter action mode.
  • h: Left. Exit action mode.
  • u: Page up.
  • d: Page down.
  • n: Next section.
  • p: Previous section.
  • Esc or Ctrl: Exit hotkey mode.
  • Number: Execute item.
  • Alt + Number: Enter action mode for item.


Don’t hesitate to post your feedback here :slight_smile:

#####Download link


Portable version

#####Change log (4.01.1237)

  • Bug fixes

#####Change log (4.01.1200)

  • Bug fixes

#####Change log (4.01.1198)

  • New: You can now run the installer version of Listary without administrator rights

#####Change log (4.01.1193)

  • New: Hotkey mode

Very nice addition Channing. Thank you.

Regards, AB

when i press win+s,it’s functional . if type something on desktop, its nothing happend pressing Ctrl


Please make sure you’ve updated ListaryHook.dll if you’re using the portable version.

Channing said:

Please make sure you’ve updated ListaryHook.dll if you’re using the portable version.

I use the installer but not restart computer, NOW it works. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. It’s very useful!

Is it a pro feature? After 2 days ,it cannot be controlled by hotkey.
Another point, how to reset all the settings and rebuild history? I always found some old links and cannot be deleted.

UPDATE: after restart my computer, hot feature is back…


It’s not a pro feature.

Another point, how to reset all the settings and rebuild history?

  1. Exit Listary
  2. Delete UserData folder


Why set the Listary Task to stop after 3 days by default?

I hope that is a mistake. :wink:


Kept wondering why LIstary was not running. Thought it kept crashing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much for reporting!

This is one of the weird default settings of scheduled tasks. It’s not intentional. I’ll fix this in the next version.

:slight_smile: TY!

Hi there. Unlike previous versions, I noticed that there are 2 “Listary.exe” processes running. One is actively utilizing CPU while the other one remains stagnant at 1.96MB of RAM space. I only executed Listary once and I know that Listary will prompt me a warning if it is already running. Is this normal?


This is normal. One is the normal (the previous) Listary, and the other one (the one needs very little ram) is the new Listary service which does some background jobs.

Can you rename the background service process to e.g. ListaryService or ListaryHelper or something alike to better distinguish it from the foreground process?

I downloaded the portable version 4.01.1200 and run under Admin account but there’s no result returned after entering texts into search dialog. I just extracted and run, did I do something wrong?

I noted that there’s a UserData folder created and after closing “Listary.exe” file, there’s a 'DiskSearch.db" file created. I guess it’s the index file but it’s only 16 bytes.


Done. It’ll be released with the next version.


Please make sure the partition is NTFS format. And if you open Task Manager, there should be two Listary.exe processes there (make sure you choose Yes when the UAC prompt pops up).

I’m using Win 7 64 bit and all partitions are NTFS format. I also saw 2 “Listary.exe” processes and 1 “ListaryHelper64.exe” process in Task Manager. Do I need to restart my PC?

I’m also using Everything and run Listary at the same time. When I change Option -> Search from using Listary engine to use of Everything, Listary returned a lot of search results. Is it from Everything’s index databases?

Listary is seem much better for me than Everything and I appreciate your help with my trouble.

I just found out interesting things.

There’s no problem with 1191 and 1193 versions, I just have such problem with 1198 and 1200 versions.