Highlighting of "this folder" should differ from other items

It would be great, if items that have been found in the Listary list from “this folder” would have other background-color, than others (in subfolders).
Not absolutely another color. But, a little bit.
For example, I have dark theme and my background color is rgb(77, 77, 77). (dark grey)
And for “this folder” items I would prefer to see rgb(115, 115, 115)… which is more lighter type of grey.

So, users will immediately see - how many files and folders they found in “this folder”…

Thanks. :wink:

But the best choice would be - to let users set their own color to highlight items from “this folder”.

I’m thinking about showing color labels on one side of the results which are less intrusive. The problem of using backgrounds is that you need to add many different colors to more than 10 themes.

Yep, you should change too many colors… that’s why I suggest to implement an option to allow users to change bgc, if they want, and how they want.