Hide tray icon

I can’t find an option to hide tray icon.

Few days ago I realized that I have 35+ icons in my tray notification and even though there’s possibility (in Win7) to hide them in menu under that arrow, I find it difficult to search for something I need. It would be best to have an option to hide tray icon and show it when starting Listary from Start menu when it’s already running.

Hello daroc,

Sorry that I can’t do this until Listary has a main UI window that can provide the equivalent functionalities (like exit the program). By main UI window I mean something like this (screenshot from Launchy homepage):

Honestly, I don’t get your answer.
There is already options dialog which provides some options. Isn’t it possible to add one more option that would hide tray icon?

It’s possible to add such an option, but some operations will become very weird if the tray icon is hidden. For example, I have to add “Exit Listary” and some other buttons to every toolbar and popup menu. But if we have a main UI window - a global toolbar that isn’t associated to a particular (file dialog/file manager) window, I just need to move the menu entries of the tray icon here.

Simple workaround I see is to just hide tray icon and then bring it back when rerunning Listary. But I understand that maybe you are working on something to do it better and don’t want to mess everything up by such workaround.

Simple workaround I see is to just hide tray icon and then bring it back when rerunning Listary.
Haven't thought about this, it should work. I've added this to my plan, but sorry that I really don't have time to implement it before the release of Listary 4.

Was about to ask the same and same workaround. That is the standard by the way so not really a workaround. :wink:

Just letting you know you got another user who would benefit from it. :slight_smile:

Any news about this feature?

Work around is to upgrade to Windows 10 which you have to do anyway end of year.
In Windows 10 you can control what icons you see in the tray.