Help - middle mouse button not working in Word dialogs

Help! Listary is one of my key applications, because I’m constantly opening and saving word processing or spreadsheet files. Obviously, therefore, the ability to bring up the Recent box is key for me. But it’s recently stopped working in Microsoft Word or Excel. The middle button click does still work from the desktop and from some other apps, but Word and Excel are my most-used. Can anyone help with the way my Listary settings should be set up to allow this to work? Thanks in advance,


Does the Listary search bar still show up for these dialogs?

Hi Channing:

Thanks for the response. I’m afraid I can’t tell you, because I don’t know what the Listary search bar is! I’m probably using only a small part of the program, and I haven’t come across the search bar.

I did a bit of experimenting, and found that initially Listary wasn’t working with Acrobat either. Then I took a look at the Apps list in Options and saw that Acrobat wasn’t included there, so I added it, then rebooted, and hey presto, it now works with Acrobat. So I’d assume that it’s something to do with my entry in the Apps listing for Word, but that may be a different problem - it’s shown in the list as “Winword”, although whenever I open it up, the title bar refers to it as Microsoft Word.

Unless you or anyone else comes up with a possible solution, I’m going to pursue the Apps listing as a possibility and see if I can find out how to include it in that listing. Thanks again for the reply - looking forward to hearing from you.

That’s quite strange. Normally you don’t need to add anything to make Listary work with Word or Acrobat even though they are not listed there.

Please open Options - App Settings, and make sure everything is checked.

P.S. this is the search bar.

Hi Channing:

Thanks very much for this, especially the illustration of the search bar. Glad you sent that one because, now I know what it looks like, I can tell you that the answer to your original question is “no”, it doesn’t appear anywhere.

I think I’ll try doing a complete re-install of Listary - and we’ll see if that cures anything. It may also be that one of the options in Word is interfering with the keypress. I wish there was some kind of utility that showed all the keys and buttons, and where they are mapped to. Sounds useful - I wonder if I could write one??

Hi Channing:

Thanks again for your assistance over this issue. I have done a complete delete and reinstall of Listary, and I installed what may be one version earlier than I had installed and that was giving me the problems; I’ve installed version 5.00.2410, and the version that was causing the problems was .2581. I’m pleased to say that the 2410 reinstall is working perfectly, so either there’s something at fault in the 2581 update, or there’s a feature or a piece of code in it that’s clashing with something else on my system. In any event, I’m now happy with the way it works, and I’ll retain the 2410 installation so that, if any future update messes me up again, I can revert.

Thanks again for your help,

Best wishes, Nigel

Thank you for the information. No breaking changes have been introduced between 2410 and 2581. So the real reason still remains a myth. I’ll keep an eye on it.