Going running screaming back to macOS with LaunchBar

I just don’t understand how after all these many, many years going on over a decade there isn’t a launcher that matches LaunchBar or Alfred on Windows. I really don’t think Windows users have any idea what they’re missing.

This app was my last hope and I just can’t get it to work. I feel like I’m fighting with it whereas LaunchBar and Alfred “just work”.

When I type “ebay” in LaunchBar and use it repeatedly it learns over time what I choose and intuitively will pull up results. Eventually I can simply type e-b … and LaunchBar “gets it” and will pull up ebay web search at the top and I hit enter and start typing my search terms - and bam I’m there.

With Listary it seems I have to type in very specific terms or nothing works. All or nothing. Is anyone working on making something that works as well on Windows as LaunchBar and Alfred does on Mac?

Sorry for the rant but I’m just really confused as to why Windows users can’t get it together with devs to make this happen after all these years with such a massively larger userbase. Windows users trash Apple users as dumb sheep but I think they’re a lot more demanding for quality apps and that’s a great thing.

I want to switch to Windows from Mac because their hardware is less compelling over the years but I keep having to stay because macOS has so much better productivity than Windows on many fronts and has superior third party apps where it really counts. I can get more third party apps on Windows that are hot garbage but very few that match the quality or even come close to apps available on macOS.

I’m just scratching my head in awe of how behind Windows environs still are. I literally feel my stress go down once I get back on the Mac with LaunchBar, Default Folder along with its vastly superior Finder (File Explorer) and other things that just allow me to get things done including Expose in Mission Control which thankfully is “somewhat” available in a third party Windows app called “Better Desktop Tool” but still lacks the power and UI of the real thing on macOS.

I’m seeing aspects of Listary that are better than LaunchBar and it gives me hope, but in crucial, basic ways it’s falling flat. Why do Windows users put up with this?

I really don’t want to deal with the hassle of a hackintosh. Just want Windows to be as productive as Mac.