Go to folder of a file found in Save As Dialog not working

Hello all,

when I’m in a Save As Dialog and type some existing file name into Listary, corresponding files are found instantly:

However, if the desired folder is not directly found, it does not work to switch to the folder where one of the found files resides. In Listary v.5, this used to work by right-clicking on a found file and choosing “open containing folder” (or something similar).

How is this supposed to work in Listary v.6? CTRL+[number] does not work for me. Also, Listary does not even jump to the folder AND file, when I click on one of the found files.

Something seems to be broken. This is on version beta.

Ctrl-Enter is “Open containing folder”

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3085)
Listary Pro

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Awesome, that works!

However, CTRL+[n] seems to be broken, doesn’t it? Also, I believe that the old right-click option to go to the containing folder also should be added again.

For me the Ctrl+n options are still working and also the Right click option is there and works.
Its definition under Actions looks like this

Both Ctrl+n and Right click does nothing for me here in a Listary dialog like this:

The Ctrl+n options works for me in Open/Save dialogs.
A right click options don’t make sense for me in such a dialog.

Right Click options nearly always make sense, and were present in v.5 in that dialog…

But why is CTRL+n not working here? I tried and deleted the settings file
already :thinking:

Don’t know what’s the reason on your system.
My settings are there since version 5 and were imported into the version 6 long time ago.
Maybe some other tool catches the Ctrl-n hotkeys ?

Thanks, will check for that.