Global-app-launching-hotkey function seems to work as expected :(

EDIT: This is working as designed, although I don’t like the design…I’ll try to live with it for now and hope Listary 6 or so comes with real hotkey launching :frowning:

I was really, really hoping to use Listary to replace Truelaunchbar (which I use current for hotkey launching. It works perfectly!).
For example:
ALT+ C - Launches chrome
ALT + CTRL + 1 - Launches 1Password.

I can hit these keystrokes anywhere (desktop, explorer, administrator-run windows, non-admin windows) and TrueLaunchBar launches it without fail. It even supercedes the hotkeys of other apps, which is a huge bonus.

As I am finding out “Actions” is not at all this feature. Assignin a hotkey in a custom-action apparently only works while the name is in the list. This is very, very disappointing as this is probably the most glaring omission in Listary as a productivity tool .

Then there’s the Menus > Favorite feature.

Pressing ALT+C does nothing EXCEPT in a windows explorer folder. On the desktop, no. On a run-as-admined app - no. On a non-admin app. NO. :frowning:

if this is true, this is a dealbreaker for Listary. Basic hotkey launching without any window open is probably one of the most critical productivity tools available, so I am baffled I’m not able to make it work in Listary.

I have a very strong feeling this has to do with admin priveledges. I am using the latest Listary, portable, and the service does indeed ask to be run as admin on startup.

Another huge negative is that Desktop and/or Windows Explorer have to be checked in order for this to work, which means if you want global hotkeys, you’re SOL without it. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I do this with AHK.

Also a workaround for Listary:

  1. Add application in Menus => Favorite and set a hot key.

  2. To launch the application, press Win + S (or Ctrl twice if this is checked), then press the hot key.

Although a hot key for application set in Listary doesn’t work everywhere, the hot key for Listary itself does.

Hi DamondbacK
Thank you for the response. Can you explain exactly what you doing with AHK?

I think I understand now. I think this is now a feature request. I want to Listary to be able to launch hotkeys without opening it, in any window. It’s current impelementation is confusing to understand at first.

I am going to give Listary an honest shot though. Try to adjust my workflow to go with Listary’s functions.

Run a AHK script which contains lines like

!c::Run Path\To\Chrome.exe
!^1::Run Path\To\1Password.exe
!^Numpad1::Run Path\To\1Password.exe ;This is for 1 on the numeric keypad

Now you can press ALT + C to launch chrome and Alt + Ctrl + 1 to launch 1Password anywhere.

So this is an independent script / compiled EXE run outside of Listary correct?
How do you find the names of the specific keyboard keys?

Am I alone in thinking Listary Pro should have this kind of functionality?

Yes, AHK script is run by AutoHotkey, a free, open-source macro-creation and automation software. Its perfect document explains everything including the hotkeys.

It may be better if Listary provided this kind of functionality, but I would prefer AutoHotkey cuz it’s specialized in this and more other kinds of tasks.

OK thank you DiamondBack

If you like AutoHotkey but want a more comfortable way to configure it you can have a look at . It allows you to use all the AutoHotkey features but functions like mapping keys to start applications is super easy. (The downside is it costs 10$).