Give custom keywords the highest priority?

Hello, I wish to type ps and open Photoshop, but Powershell comes up first.
So I added a custom keyword ps in options.
However, upon typing ps, Powershell still comes up first (the second item is Photoshop)

After opening Photoshop with ps for a few times, things changed. Now when I type ps, Powershell comes up first and Photoshop comes up second, but after less than a second (when it is done loading?), Photoshop comes up first (which is ideal).

This means that I have to type ps and wait for about 1 second before pressing Enter, if I press enter too quickly, I might just launch the wrong app (happened several times).

Is it possible to give custom keywords the highest priority, and just press <Ctrl><Ctrl>ps<Enter> to launch Photoshop fluently? It’s something I use a lot, I really find having to wait for a second/occasionally launching the wrong app damaging the overall experience.

Thank you

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If you type ps and launch Photoshop a few times, it should become the top one automatically, even without adding it as a command manually.

The real issue here is that it takes too long (1 second) on your system for Listary to adjust the result sorting based on your search history. I’ll try to optimize the performance in the next version. You can see if the “Clean History” button in Options - History helps (note that it’ll remove all your search history so also all personalized sortings).

Thank you, I tried to use “Clear History” and now it’s much better, takes about 1/4s for Photoshop to jump to the first. Perhaps when it took 1s it was because my laptop was on battery so it was quite slow. It’s good enough now.