Get automatically favorites from Directory Opus

Since DOpus 12, a lot of improvements has been made in pro of third party devs. I would love that Listary fill favorites (even smart ones) right from DOpus. What do you think Channing? It’s possible?
PD. In v5 I tried to do it by manipulating the json file, but doesn’t reflect any change and eventually gets overwriting. Why?

Thanks for the information, I’ll check the new DOpus.

The settings file is only read when opening Listary.

Exactly. That is what I thought, so Listary will read the changes normally in the next start, instead they are just ignored.
Do you come in mind with any idea about import favs from a text file or something?

I’ll consider making it possible to import favorite folders from a text file in a simple line-by-line format. For example:


Yeah, I don’t think this will work for grouped favs and else. Anyway, nevermind, I sort of managed this already, with a script in DO, just by closing Listary before change the config file, so this way the changes are respeted. And… it rocks!!!.