Future plan for Mac OS X/Linux?

I really love the Listary.

Its idea is not only must-have for Windows OS only but also to other GUI included OS. So I would love to see Mac OS X and Linux version of Listary.

Mac users will sure love the idea and won’t hesitate to pay.

Sorry, no plan for other systems at this moment :frowning:

I’m a Mac user currently switching to Windows, and there’s plenty such apps available. Just to point others finding this thread towards a few good ones: Alfred App and Quicksilver.

I’m really glad I found Listary, it seems to be the one good search app for Windows! :slight_smile:

Some of the Listary features are unique.

Alfred App = Quicksilver = Launchy but they are not replacement for Listary. When I were a Windows user I used Launchy + Listary and I enjoyed using Listary a lot. (Listary is one the first softwares I installed on new Microsoft computers)

Now I primarily use Mac and miss Listary a lot.

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