Full review of Listary. Here's my feature requestions

  1. Meta-searching - please please and pretty pretty please add this feature. Only Alfred (Mac) and FindandRunRobot (PC) have it, so I beg you to consider and apply it.

For example, if I type in zz it will send the keywords to Amazon, Fakespot, ReviewMeta and other sites. If I type m it sends it to Google search, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, etc…

Currently, one has to do each of these manually. This is a very powerful feature and saves the user so much time from having to re-launch Listary and searching several other times. This is the only feature I am absolutely dying to have. You could allow the user to add additional (as many as user wants) URLs to entries in the Keywords/Web interface.
For example:

Keyword: m
Display Title: Meta Search in Movies for ‘{query}’
URL: Search Results | Rotten Tomatoes
URL: Find - IMDb
URL: etc etc…

typing m top gun would open 3 windows in browser and send the query to all 3.

Can this be done?

  1. Allow the user to delete default ANYTHING in the program. Some you can modify, but It’s a pain to modify the existing ones and the ones you can’t clutter up the interface.

  2. Allow manual reordering of items in all windows (via dragging) (especially keywords window). Allow also for sorting by clicking on the column.

  3. Add a note to Appearance / Options page that the size DOES NOT affect the applauncher window (only the find as you type window). This is very confusing behavior the way it’s currently implemented.

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. It’s not hard to support multiple URLs for one keyword. But for other situations like commands and apps, I need to think about it.
  2. This will be supported.
  3. Maybe. The order of keywords is only useful in the Options window. When you use them in a search, the order is calculated in real-time based on your previous search history.
  4. The size of the launcher window may also be configurable in the next version. If it’s not, I’ll change the setting description.

Thank you for the quick response Channing.

  1. The only thing I find multiple URLs is for keyword function. Could you add a “plus” button to allow the user to add as many URLs as possible? Also another idea is to parse the batch function books | Search Book Sites | Url1 (SPACE) Url2 (SPACE) Url3.

Other than working application hotkeys (another thread) this is the feature I am dying for.

2/4 - excellent. thank you! That would help