Full path of file show in popup window

Dear Channing,

I believe that I understand why it was that both Listary and Everything Search would not find the notepad.exe in windows folder.
I think it’s because they both find (as does windows search) the files in the folder winSxS as notepad.exe.mui.
This folder is a repository store and is the actual physical store for the entire operating system this system folder contains all the files and dlls of windows system including notepad.exe.
The notepad.exe’s in places other than winSxS are actually a hard-link of the real file so don’t actually exist!
The tutorial will need amending to explain this.

So I’m guessing listary’s > search routine uses a lower-level search that bypasses windows’ API calls.
Anyway when listary displays its results you can only see part of the file’s path and hovering the mouse does not display a popup of its full path, can you add this feature?

Thanks for the update. I’ll add your suggestion to my to-do list.