Font & text size

Since installing the new version 5, the popup list window is in a large font very different from what I use and what Listary used before. I find it a bit jarring. Is there a way to change it?

Sorry that a smaller UI doesn’t have enough space to display full paths of search results.

If anyone can provide a compact UI mockup with smaller font, I would be very happy to implement it in the next version.

Channing, what is the current font and size right now?


The current font is Windows’ default UI font which is the same in most applications. It should be Segoe UI on Windows 7. Font size is also based on system default font size.

I would like to see the option to specify the font size. Segoe UI is one of my favorite fonts so I don’t care about changing that.

I don’t want any less information but it seems to me like the display size is “giant” so I would prefer to use a smaller font size. Then maybe you can add even more info! :slight_smile:

  • KEM

I agree. I would also love to be able to use a much, much smaller font, especially in the input field



I noticed that the beta says a “smaller ui” is available, and it looks good, but it’s still also be nice to be able to simply open the standard font selection and size dialog and choose our own.


Sorry that I won’t add this at the moment. There are six different fonts used by the toolbar and I prefer not to make things so complex.

would it be really difficult to magnify fonts in listary?
or is there any plugin for that?

The UI will be more customizable in Listary 6.