Folders with .txt / .rtf => copy content to clipboard or send content to previous window

You must be swamped within the feature requests, but still I have to ask this.
For example I have a folder called “snippets”, which contains .rtf and .txt files.
Each text and rtf file is a code snippet.

Could you have an option within listary that processes the “snippets” folder differently.
With differently I mean, when when I middle click a menu pops up with the folders I have in totalcommander. If I would left click on an .txt / .rtf within the “snippets” folder, listary would copy the contents of the .txt or .rtf file and it would be put in the clipboard.
The user can then paste the contents anywhere.

This would mean listary should have a setting in the settings dialog window in which the user could add folders which would be processed differenlty (click on .rtf / .txt = put in clipboard.).

Essentialy the whole feature request revolves around this, middle click (or keyboard shortcut) pops up menu and when an .rtf / .txt file is selected, content is placed in clipboard, user can then paste it anywhere.

If this feature sounds useful and easy to implement, then you could consider to add an extra option which let’s the user activate the previous window and then automatically send to that window.

For example

  1. user has cursor (caret) set on the firefox browser address inputfield, user presses listary shortuct then menu pops up
  2. then user selects a textfile in certain folder within a folder (textfile contains url)
  3. then listary activates previous window which is firefox and automatically sends the contents tot the firefox address inputfield…)

Thanks for your suggestion.

You can do this for search results by adding a custom action. Unfortunately currently there is no plan to implement this feature for menu entries.