First buildup of Action list is slow

Hi there,
I am pretty new to Listary and after a few hours of using it, I consider a purchase.

Anyway, there is something that bothers me.
When I open Listary the first time in an Explorer window, find a file or folder I want to act on and press the left arrow… the buildup of the Action list is slow… (sometimes up to 5 seconds). The second time in the same window is very fast (under a second).

Is there a way to speed up the building of the Action list? I would assume that the delay is basically coming from the context list. The number says 27 in my case… Probably my context list that has that many entries.
Could Listary not just cache that list the first time it is called? The context list does not change, except the possible actions vary by file type or folder type. Yet, the list itself is static.

Yes, I could cleanup my Explorer context list, and I will do so. But the above question (or is it a feature request?) still stands.


Thanks for your feedback, Dan.

The search process has already been optimized in Listary 5. You’ll get Listary’s own Action list (Open Folder/Copy/Cut…) immediately without having to wait for the system context menu.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to cache the context menu because it depends on the exact file it’s called against instead of just file types. For example, TortoiseGit shows different menus for different folders based on folder contents, and WinRAR shows Add to "foo.rar" for foo.txt but Add to "bar.rar" for bar.txt. The same is true for most context menu entries: the names shown may be the same for different files but the underlying commands are different.

Hello Channing,

Thanks for your answer.
So I guess version 5 will have quite some enhancements. Any idea when that comes out?

I do not really rely on the system context menu. I’d rather want to use the features you have in the Listary menu. In that sense, if version 5 has sped up the display of the Listary “context menu” without having to wait for the system context menu, I am pretty happy.

Now looking forward to version 5 :smile: