Firefox sometimes wrong folder

I love this program, but keep running into 1 annoying issue (only notice this in) Firefox Save Picture As frequently doesn’t remember the last saved folder and what’s really confusing is the folder it chooses is so random almost like it’s remembering a certain tab from a session long past.  It doesn’t keep picking the same wrong folder.  Other times it will work properly but generally it occurs about every 5 times or so.  So I get in the habit of quickly save picture as then press enter but then next thing I realize is it saved some photos in wrong folder(s).  Any clue how to resolve this?


Sorry for any inconvenience. It may be caused by the Quick Switch feature: After opening the “Save Image As” dialog in Firefox, if you open (or switch to) an Explorer (or other file manager) window and then come back to Firefox, Listary will let the “Save Image As” dialog jump to the folder you’re viewing in Explorer.

Please try it and let me know if it is the point. If it is, you can disable this feature by unchecking “Quick Switch” in Options > General.

I use Quick Switch semi often, but no this isn’t that - I don’t have the folder(s) open in my file manager(s).  The folder it picks is a past folder I’ve saved images to, it’s always a folder I’ve saved in past browser sessions (even day(s) ago) versus last saved folder or even recent (last 3 or so folders).  Odder yet it seems to randomly pick the folder when it does this as it will pick one folder then next image I say to save it picks another folder.  It’s truly as if instead of recognizing firefox as 1 application and knowing it’s last saved folder it’s linked more to the tab level and (perhaps) firefox reuses tab ids or something from past sessions.
This occurs when I go to an image site like then do a search i.e. Kaley Cuoco then I open each image in it’s own tab then start going into tabs and doing save as.  Around 20% of the time Listary opens some past session folder (even past sessions after rebooting pc - I typically shut down each night).

That’s very weird because Listary will only change folder for a file dialog automatically in Quick Switch (other folder switches are all user triggered by clicking an favorite/recent entry or press a hot key). Could you please follow the steps to disable Listary for Firefox for sometime and see if it happens again?

1. After the file dialog pops up, click the Smart menu (the thunder icon) on Listary toolbar.
2. Click “Disable Listary for this application”.

Oh man, so sorry, this is a FireFox issue!  Just got this issue again today (After disabling Listary in Firefox as suggested) and (now knowing the culprit) located a great thread on the subject: apparently this surfaced in Firefox 7.0.1 (according to that thread) or thereabouts which happened to be not too long after I got into using Listary.  I had installed it via giveawayoftheday then it took me a week or more to actually kick it on (it had been running but not showing up in dialogs) and find out how useful it is.
If you could figure out a way to make Firefox revert to the last used folder I’m sure the 200+ people saying they have an issue with that would appreciate it not to mention the countless others that just read it.  I know I would find it a big help.
I’ve appreciated your support on this this issue and apologize for taking up your time thinking it was a Listary issue (Firefox used to work…).  I’ll be placing my order in just a couple minutes for your great program - I had been waiting for an update to fix this issue and after it not fixing the issue (cause it wasn’t even a Listary issue I find out) finally decided to post on here. 
Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much for the update and purchasing Listary Pro!

I also did a little search about the bug and it turned out to be a new "feature" in Firefox 7 called "last used directory per site". Yes, one site, one folder...

The Mozilla team has already added a setting to disable this annoying feature (after hearing enough complaints), but I have no idea when it will be released.