Find as you type support for XYplorer

Guys, I’ve seen that in the other thread which was 4 years old it was confirmed that the “Find as you type” support was added for XYplorer.

However, now in 2017, I’ve downloaded the latest version of both Listary & XYplorer and I can see that the “Find as you type” support for XYplorer is still not there.

Or am I missing something here?
Do I have to do a little tweaking with the options and settings?

Kindly, suggest your workarounds guys.

Thank you.

If you download and run this clean portable version of XYplorer, does Find as you type work with it?

Please add Find as you type for Listary 6 with XYplorer.

In Listary 5 it works like charm, but in v6 i have to press Ctrl twice to be able to type.

Find as you type in XYplorer is used by XY itself for the Live Filter Box and this makes sense.
Listary 6 supports searching in several file managers the same way after a double Ctrl.

I have Find as you type checkbox enabled for XYPlorer in Listary settings. So I expect it to work as it should —> in Listary 5 it works right out of the box.

If one wants to use XYPlorer “Live Filter Box” feature they could uncheck Find as you type checkbox in Listary per-app settings.

Oh no! The Find as you type checkbox is gone in 6.10.33!
But why?? Please bring it back!

It was right there:

Whatever you see but this option is still there in 6.10.33

But where? I don’t see it on your screenshot.

In v5 it was like that:

While in XYPlorer hit Ctrl-Ctrl and type your search.
The matches in the current window will be on top
and any other results below.
The old option Find as you type can’t work in XYplorer or Total Commander
as both have quick filters which will and should get the keyboard entries.

I disagree, because Listary’s idea is to expand basic user experience. So there should be (and it is in v5) an option to use one of the main Listary features in any file manager without additional shortcuts.
This option exists and still works in Listary v5. Why new version should break something that worked?

If one wants to use quick filters in XY or TC - they can uncheck Find as you type.
But if they want to use Listary’s cool and much more convenient functionality - they still should be able to do it.