Find-as-you-type in Open/save file dialogs not working

Recently upgraded to Listary 6 because 5 was crashing constantly. 6 is working much better (no crashing), but the find-as-you-type in open/save file dialogs does not work. It is enabled in integration and works fine in File Explorer.

Windows 10 Pro | Version 22H2 | Build 19045.2251

For which tools you want this ?
It can’t work for Total Commander or XYPlorer as they have live filters which should get keyboard input.
But inside of them you can always use Ctrl-Ctrl.

I’m just looking for this function to work in File Explorer and generally in open/save dialogs. Works fine in File Explorer; however, with Listary 5, in the open/save dialog of any app I was using, as soon as I started typing, Listary would pop-up just under the window and search within the open/save file list. This function is not working with Listary 6.

Here in standard Open/Save dialogs Listary is shown below the dialog
and starts in the current folder of my file manager (TC or XY).
It changes the folder if the file manager changes its current folder.

Right - that’s what I expect to see, but there’s no Listary in open/save.
I have uninstalled 6, gone back to 5 (which just went right back to crashing every 10 minutes), completely uninstalled 5 again - removed all Listary files from machine, then reinstalled 6, but still no dice.