Find-as-you-type for XYplorer has been added!

Please try the latest beta here:

Looking forward to your feedback!

Works fine so far! Many thanks, I’ve just disabled “Type ahead find” in XYploer (because I don’t need it any more (and it’s way less powerful than Listary’s implementation)…

Found a bug (at least I consider this one as a bug):

When you enter a phrase that matches one of your favorite folders and select one of these and hit return, XYplorer will switch to this directory BUT after this the focus is on the address bar field (and the whole text in it is selected). You have to return (either by clicking or by XYplorer’s keyboard shortcut to your last pane) before you can use the find by type option of Listary again.

This does not happen with normal folders, only with favorite ones.


Finally had a chance to download and try this beta version.
Thanks very much for the extra effort so that Listary and XYplorer now work together. I think the two programs complement each other very well.


The fix is coming.

Hello Channing, I can see that this thread has been here for over 5 years now and you say that “Find-as-you-type” support has been added for XYplorer years ago.

However, as of today, 09 March 2017, I’ve downloaded the latest versions of both Listary & XYplorer and I’m confirming that “Find as you type” is not available.

Any workarounds, kindly suggest!