[Feature Suggestion] Tagging Files and Folders


I think it will be great if we can add “Tags” to files and folders and search based on Tags.

To give an example;

I would like to add “Tags” like “Personal”, “Music”, “Movie” etc. to files or folders by right clicking to them and from the Listary interface and make search queries with Listary by specifying these tags.

I don’t know if it can be implemented some how or how hard it can be but I thought it would not hurt to suggest anyway :slight_smile:



Hello 0xt1n,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Sorry that I won’t add this feature. The main reason is that I’ve never had a successful experience with managing files with tags. This sounded pretty cool at first, then after a few days, I got enough with tagging every single new file.

Please check the Projects feature in the latest beta. It works almost the same way as tags. Add “C:\My Movies” and “D:\Data\Movies” as projects with the same keyword “movie”, you’ll be able to type “movie movie_to_find.mkv” to search with in these two folders.

Dear Channing,

Thanks for the info.

Projects feature is very useful, i already testing it out but what i was trying to do with tags is more complex. I mean, i will tag some files in “C:\My Movies” and “D:\Data\Movies” as “High Definition” for example and as “Comedy” or “Horror” some others. Some files can be “HD” and “Comedy” at the same time. It is not all about the movies of course it is just an example.

But anyway, I understand you. It is not a main concept of Listary and it is not designed for this purpose in the first place. There are softwares whose main business is tagging files.

I tried my luck:)

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