Feature Request: Use Directory Opus' Favorites and Folder Aliases

I use Directory Opus (dopus) and Listary. Each of them has the option to save favorites in a menu and to use an alias for a folder (listary’s project, dopus’s aliases). I don’t want to update favorites and alias for each one, so until now I have only set favorites and alias in dopus. It would be nice if Listary could use the dopus API to automatically set the same favorites and alias (projects) that are already configured in dopus. I think it would be easier for Listary to read from dopus than the converse, because dopus seems to already have a good interface for other programs to interface with it, but i can be wrong on that, so I put a question on dopus forum to ask if this is feasible: Expose alias and favorites to another program - Help & Support - Directory Opus Resource Centre.

While we wait for their answer, would the Listary team be willing to implement that?


Agree 100%. Would be so much more convenient if Listary would auto sync the favorites from Directory Opus. Trying to keep these things in sync manually means that it’s forever not quite in sync…

No problem. Listary can definitely import folders from DO if there are some APIs available.

Cool. It seems all you got do is make Listary parse the files favorites.ofv and folderaliases.oxc. These are in plain XML and are located at “%APPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles”. Doing this at every program start seems fine - there is no need to cache the items.

I’ve added this to the plan.