Feature Request: Profiles

Hi everyone,

i’m a software developer and i love Listary and use it on a daily basis either at work or at home.
Since - as a developer - you most of the time have multiple projects you work on simultanously it would be an awesome feature to be able to define shortcuts, favorites, etc. for mulitple profiles.

Let me give you an example:
Let’s say i’m currently working on project A. For project A i’m having a dedicated server i need to take a look at. Therefore i have a shortcut “server” which opens the server url in the browser.
Now a customer from project B calls and wants to know about his server. It would be awesome if i now had a quick switch to another profile so that i can no type “server” again and the browser opens with the server of project B.

This feature might not only be useful for developers but for example for Designers, Account Managers aswell.

Best regards,

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Hi Loris,

That’s a very interesting idea. If you only have a few keywords on both profiles, I think it’s faster to just use “servera” and “serverb” than switching profile and then typing “server”.

You can even set the keywords to something like “a server” and “b server”, which look exactly like profiles.

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