[Feature request] Open domain in browser


With this post I would like to submit a feature request.

It would be great if user could enter a domain like ‘cnn.com’ and Listary would open the default browser and visit the url.


Sorry but I don’t see any benefit in such a function inside of Listary.
Normal users already have a browser open and may even have Bookmarks.

I agree that it’s better to type URLs in browser. You’ll have autocompletion (based on history or AI) that can’t be offered by Listary.

Hi tmmls,

You can do this if you use Chrome. Open up Listary’s options. Go to “Keywords.” Add a keyword, with the following:

Keyword: t
Display Title: Open Chrome Tab
UTL: http://{query}

Then, quit and launch Listary.

To use it to open cnn.com, for example, type:

Ctrl-Ctrl-t cnn.com

And it’ll open a new tab in Chrome and load cnn.com in it.

I believe that you should be able to do the same with Edge, Firefox, Opera, et al.

I hope this helps!


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