Feature request - on hover to show up folder icon

How about to implement a feature, that will show up a folder icon at the right of each item of the list, when you hover a mouse over it ?..

This folder icon if clicked - will open a folder, where this file is.

I open folders too much, and so I have to press every time Right Mouse Click and only then find item Open Folder …

how icon should look like:

You can just press Ctrl + Enter to open the containing folder.

Yep, but if the needed item - on the bottom of the list, or in the middle … first you need to move cursor to it, and only then press combination Ctrl+Enter …

So, I think it would be easier to use folder icon button


ok, now I have even one more feature request…

It is not about exactly Open Folder feature… but about adding maybe 3 or 4 places for icons… with options, that user will choose by himself

for example, if the user often uses “Open Folder”, “Copy item”, and “Properties” - he will choose these 3 often used options to add as icons on the right of each item…

or if the user often uses “Open with …” , “Share”, and “Copy path” - he will add these 3 icons to the hover effect…

I use option “Properties” too often, as well. And it is at the bottom of all options. So…

What do you think?

It would be awesome.

Personally, I prefer the keyboard way. After typing the search query, reaching your mouse and use it to select a result is still less convenient than just pressing down key a few times.

All the Listary actions can already be activated using hotkeys. You can set them in Options - Actions. Listary 6 will also add hotkey support for system context menu entries (like “Properties”).

Well, too bad that you don’t see how many there are users, that prefer mouse-clicking actions =\

It feels kind of weird to me to have to switch between keyboard and mouse to complete one task.

I agree, and I would use keyboard Arrow keys to choose the right item, if it’s 2, 3, 4, 5 in the list … BUT the needed item in the list can be 8th or 9th or 10th, or 40th, or 50th … then what? arrow keys? c’mon

No worries.

  1. Search result sorting will be greatly improved in Listary 6. Usually, you can get what you need within the top 3.
  2. You’ll be able to use Ctrl + Number to select or run an item.
  3. In real life, I’ve never found a situation that I need to run an item ranked after 15.

this one is good