Feature Request: [Multiple Related] Better Settings Management

If I missed these in the Feature section I appologize.

I’d like to suggest the following related features to help make Listary easier to manage across multiple machines.

As a software developer, I understand that features like these are not a top priority so please don’t feel like I’m saying the product is bad without them.

  1. An Import/Export wizard for settings.
    This would be for the purpose of allowing people who already use Listary on multiple machines to easily combine their settings.

  2. Allowing the user to pick where the settings file is located.
    This way people who use Listary on multiple machines could easily drop the settings file in something like Google Drive or Dropbox so they only have one file to contend with. I don’t know how the project is setup or if the settings file has to be in a folder with other files it depends on or not but I wanted to bring this up. I think having the ability to share a settings file over multiple machines would only increase Listary’s appeal to potential users.

  3. If the settings file is tightly coupled with information about the machine it’s on I would suggest abstracting the individual commands and keywords out into their own files so suggestion #2 could become possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions. I really enjoy your product.

Keep up the great work!


I’ll second that.

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. This will be added in the next version.
  2. It should not be very hard to add an option for the setting file location. I’ll add this to my to-do.
  3. In fact most features of Listary involve with paths, which is always a potential source of conflicts between different computers. So unless we can add a “sync” option for every command & keyword & favorite, the conflict can’t be resolved easily.

Web search, some file search rules, and in fact, my file paths have been deliberately processed for consistency; I also really need to import and export configuration files

I have too many web searches that even take an entire hour to recover, and this is still because I gave up on some infrequently used websites this time :disappointed_relieved:

All Listary settings are stored in JSON files which by default are found under
Copying this files will produce the same settings on another PC.