Feature Request: Globstar for wildcards

Lately I’ve been working in the Linux and Node.js ecosystems a great deal, and I have become quite attached to the /** construct as a zero-or-more directories match, analogous to the zero-or-more-characters of the Kleene star .*

I’d really like to be able to use the same syntax I use in Node and my Sublime Text project files to find, match, or exclude folders from the Listary index.

P.S - I frequently use this feature when maintaining the node_modules folders that tend to cause trouble on all platforms but quickly lead to illegal path lengths on Windows. Listary crashes when encountering these hierarchies unless I exclude them from indexing.

Thanks for your feedback.

A similar feature is already supported by search. Please check this link: http://www.listary.com/search-path

I’ll consider to support this syntax in index exclusions.

Thank you for considering! It gets difficult trying to remember all of the different pattern styles across OSes. I am enjoying the new beta… I’m going to be uninstalling Launchy very soon now that a true Spotlight/Alfred contender has arrived.