[Feature request] add Google search


With this post I would like to submit another feature request.

It would be great if users could select the option to perform a Google search using the default browser, based on the text entered in the Listary search bar. Maybe by adding another function key ?


This feature is already present in Alfred (Os x app) :slight_smile:

And what is the benefit doing that in Listary instead of your browser ?

Because it would be faster… :slight_smile: … If users have to switch to there browser, navigate to Google, enter the search criterea en press the search button, it would be not as fast … :slight_smile: … And that’s why we use Listary, to navigate at lightning speed… :slight_smile:

I don’t have to navigate to google in my browsers (Chrome and Firefox)
I just start typing into the address bar.
Please note that you already have search in Google by Listary keyword !
The keyword gg stands for google search as you can see under Options / Keywords


Very nice… I didn’t know that… Sorry for the inconvenience …

Just type gg your_query to start a search using google.