[FEATURE REQUEST] Add a search window GUI for reviewing multiple results

I use Listary a lot for searching for single files, however I don’t find it particularly good at looking for multiple files and reviewing them due to the search’s temporary nature (the find tool goes away if focus is lost). For this, I use Everything from void tools (https://www.voidtools.com/en-au/).

It would be awesome if Listary could combine the functionality that Everything has into it so that it’s a one-stop application for both super fast single-file find, and also multi-file searching and reviewing.

Just to be clear, I’m not asking for any changes to be made to the existing functionality as it is a Godsend for single-file searches; I’m asking for a new separate function (application window) to be added to complement the existing functions.

There will never be any advantage of Listary compared to Everything.
In Everything you can even have the Explorer preview to inspect mutiple files
in the results from a search.
Also if you look in the history of the last beta you can see that Listary is dead product.
I have a Listary life-time license but stopped using it after trying the latest beta.

I hope you’re not right, but Listary is a tool I couldn’t live without. But I also couldn’t live without Everything for finding images.