Favourite folder paths (add by pasting path and support for changing volume drives)

In the options where you can add path to favorite folder, a browser for folder appears, could you change it so it immediately shows the input-fields you see below each item but now empty. This makes it easier to paste in path in stead of having to browse for them. Optionally a button “browse” next to the input-field paths.

Is it possible add some sort of support for changing volume drives for favorite folders (paths)?
For example when in options >> menu, you can add favorite folder paths, but now change the drive like this
When listary boots up it will check all paths like this a:\test, b:\test , until the first existing occurrence is met and that folder-path will be included in the menu. The trade off is that only the first occurrence would be placed in the menu. A way to limit the amount of processing time for this action is to use something like this:
[f,g,h]:\test , now only f, g and h are checked for the existence of folder “test”.

Thank you.


  1. Already changed this in the new version. It’s recommended that you add favorites by opening the folder in Explorer, double-click on empty space to activate the popup menu, then select “Add Here”.

  2. That’s a pretty advanced use case. Maybe it can be worked around using environment variables. For example, add favorites like “%my_working_drive%\test” and set “%my_working_drive%” to the correct drive on your computer. (I’m not sure if this is supported currently.)