Favorites [+ Submenu] (Pro)


Just got Listary PRO

1° bug
In Favorites options
when a create a Favorite [+ Submenu]
impossible to drag and drop a favorite folder from favorite’s root
directly into the new (empty) Favorite Submenu,
in Config.xml it appears like closed on itself
<Item Name=“Submenu” Type=“Menu”/>
rather than opened like
<Item Name=“Computer” Type=“Menu”>
<Item Name=“Disque local (C:)” Type=“Folder” Path="C:" HotKey=“17155”/>
Then I must browse [+ Folder]
and only after the first new folder is added to the new Submenu
I can drag and drop more favorite folder from favorite’s root.

2° bug
In a browsing windows, impossible to add a new Favorite folder
directly into a submenu
only possible [Add here] (favorite’s root)
and after go to Favorites options
to drag and drop the new Favorite folder in Favorite submenu.



Thank you for your feedback. These two bugs both have been fixed in the latest beta:

Please give it a try.