Favorite subfolders not listing correctly in Portable v5 (Win 7)

  • I installed v5002410 Portable in Win 7 after deleting all v4 files and restarting (and deleting remaining files).
  • When saving a file using favorites Listary is listing only some subfolders. The behaviour is the same in the latest beta v5002406.
  • I have reverted to v4001161 which lists all subfolders correctly.

Am I missing something? (Screen prints below)

Do you mean that you added the 2016-17 folder to favorites, but some subfolders of it are missing when Listary expands it automatically?

Exactly, 2016-17 is added to favorites and V4 expands the folders correctly automatically. By contrast V5 only lists some folders at the second level of automatic expansion.

Here, in case it helps, is how the menu is set up (screenshot from V4).