Favorite subfolders not listing correctly in Portable v5 (Win 7 x64)

This problem, first reported in September 2016 still exists in the latest portable version (5.00.2581). I am still using Win 7 x64.

The problem in summary is that only some nested folders are shown as subfolders of a favorite listary folder when the favorite listed folder is automatically expanded. A full report with screen prints is shown under the similar heading (Favorite subfolders not listing correctly in Portable v5 (Win 7)) In Sep '16.

Because this is my main use of Listary (to quickly specify deeply nested folders when saving or accessing files) I have again reverted to version 4.23.1728 which works perfectly.

Unfortunately I was not able to address this bug. However it should no longer exist in Listary 6 with some new implementations. Please wait patiently for the new version.

Thanks Channing for your response. Now I know you have got it in hand I can relax and wait happily for v6. Listary is such a huge time-saver I can’t imagine living without it! Thank you for all your work.