Favorite menu attached to open dialogues

have used version 3.5 for a while and found the ability to include the favorite menu in open dialogues such as attaching a file in Thunderbird very useful

is it not available in version 4 or am I missing something ?

thanks Mike

Hello Mike,

This part doesn’t change in v4. Do you mean Listary toolbar is not available in some open file dialogs?

in 3.5 I had my favorite menu with the directories I want for most files permanently attached to the bottom of the open file dialogs. Now in Open Office I have to double click to get it to open, and in Thunderbird it doesnt open.

Sorry that I can’t reproduce this. Listary 4 works well with both OpenOffice and Thunderbird in my tests.

  1. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of OpenOffice and Thunderbird.
  2. If the open file dialogs on your system looks different from the screenshots below, please let me know.
  3. Does Listary work well in other applications like Notepad?



sorry to take up your time … Open Office is OK now, and the problem with Thunderbird is because I run it in a sandbox using Sandboxie. Kill the Sandbox and it runs fine. I have got listary.exe and listaryhelper64.exe allowed to open but listary will still not load in the sandbox - is there anything else I need to give permission to load ?

Sandboxie has some compatibility code to make it work with Listary as follows - have you made related changes that could break this maybe ?


Tmpl.Title=Listary Compatibility
OpenWinClass=Browser Native Window Bar Class

Most parts of Listary 4 are rewritten from scratch, so I really don’t know what breaks the compatibility :frowning:

I’ll look into this next week.

that compatibility I gave you might be an old out of date version

the current one is …










tzuk at Sandboxie.com has provided an update

for anybody else that needs a fix …
go into Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > IPC Access > Direct Access and paste


(there is a leading asterisk in this mod which is being hidden)