Explorer --> Listary "steals" the focus of scrollng the folder

If you will open directory in Windows Explorer with height so high it can be scrolled, and you type some letters, so it will invoke Listary to appear and take focus on searching files and folders… but then, if you want to scroll this Windows Explorer folder down … you can’t do it, because Listary intercepts all scrolling actions.

I don’t want to shut down Listary “type to unvoke” function in Windows Explorer. It does great job. But this total interception of mouse scrolling activity should be fixed!

Listary list should be scrolling by scrolling mouse wheel only in case when the cursor hovers above the Listary list.

Hi, is there any reason you need to scroll Explorer while keeping Listary result window open?

If there wouldn’t - I wouldn’t create a topic =)

Of course, there is a reason. I can find files or folder by Listary - OK. But after that, sometimes I need to glance a little bit down in the Windows Explorer. How can I do that? Only disabling Listary by pressing Escape. It’s inconvenient. It is totally wrong.
If you don’t want to implement this focus thing by default - make an option in the “Options”.

PS: talking about scrolling Listary list by Mouse Wheel … while cursor hover the Windows Explore - and scrolling down my Mouse Wheel - it highlights only every second item in the list (so, irregularly jumps). IMHO it should be every item.

Can you be more specific about what you need to glance at? Maybe I can provide that info within Listary.

I don’t understand you.
There is a folder… with, for example, 200 subfolders in it.
Or 300. Or 500.
They are sorted in alphabetical order… A, B, C, D, E, etc…
If I will start typing CCleaner --> Listary will find me a CCleaner folder and will highlight it.
But then, I need to glance (just do a fast look) at the bottom of my Windows Explorer’s list with 200 subfolders.
I have my folders with names starting with the letter O, P, R, … etc, etc, etc … X, Y, Z, down there. At the bottom of the Windows Explorer’s list.
But I can’t look at them! At all.
Maybe I need to copy/move my CCleaner folder to another folder, that s located at the bottom of the list.
Or not to copy/move, but just look. Just simple glance (quick look) at the bottom of the list.
It’s all about freedom of actions.
Simple freedom of actions.
I don’t know how to explain it to you.
It’s like I’m saying to you - “Can you somehow not to tie together my both hands with a rope, please?”
And you answering: “Mmmm, but why? Why do you need your hands to be free?”
Whaaaat? What do you mean why? =)
It’s all about freedom of actions!

I need to know the details of your need because that can lead to very different solutions.

For example, after scrolling Explorer’s list, do you need to continue interacting with Listary (e.g. modifying previous search query)? If not, then it’s better to just hide Listary automatically when you scroll in Explorer instead of supporting 2 different scroll modes based on your mouse position.

Providing real-life examples with great details would help me make these decisions.

Ok, I get it.
I don’t know what action you should choose with Listary list.
I would leave it showing up, while scrolling in the Windows Explorer.
Anyway, the best choice - would be make an option in “Options” to change this behavior.
Something like saying “When you scrolling Windows Explorer…” 1) Listary should still shows up, or 2) should be hidden immediately at the moment you start to scroll the Windows Explorer.
If it’s not so problematic to implement, of course.