Explicit Hotkey for "Find as you Type"?

I have updated to Version 5.00 and am surprised that there is no Hotkey anymore to activate “Find as you type” explicitly.

I need this feature, because without explicitly moving the cursor to the “Find as you Type” box, I cannot use keys such as Pos1 and End, or CTRL+Backspace to clear what I typed, which I find irritating.

Maybe as a follow-up question: I have always wondered why there are separate windows for “Listary Toolbar” and “Find as you type”. Couldn’t the “Listary Toolbar” recognize that it has been opened while the Explorer is the active window and also provide relative (path) search results?

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I’m considering letting the find-as-you-type window be triggered in activated mode directly even if you don’t press a hotkey. What do you think?

Currently if you want to activate it, you have to use the mouse to click the edit box.

The “Find as you type” mode focuses on the current context - file searching. On the other hand “Listary Toolbar” (the launcher mode) focuses on general operations like app launching and web searching. When you type “read”, sometimes you want to open the “Reader” app, and sometimes you want to locate “readme.txt” in the current folder. The 2 modes are useful in this situation.

I think there should be two distinct modes for “find as you type”:

  • Typing in any application with a list, will start the “find as you type” window. If the program is a file manager then results are also retrieved from the filesystem database. Keystrokes will be directed to listary to search the list, but hotkeys are for the program. SHIFT+POS1 instance will select all files in Windows Explorer prior to the selected one.
  • Explicitly opening the find as you type windows using a hot-key or click will keep the hotkeys in listary. SHIFT+POS1 will mark the text in the search as you type window.

There used to be a hotkey for “find as you type” in Listary 4.x, I would love to have it back.

Can you explain in more details why you need the first mode? In the first mode you still need to press ESC to hide Listary after pressing SHIFT+POS1. In the second mode all you need to do is pressing ESC before pressing SHIFT+POS1. Will it cause you any inconvenience if we remove the first mode?

I would also like to have this functionality, because in many cases it is faster and I can be certain that the results from the explorer search don’t include files from other subdirectories.
Despite that if I want to delete a certain file, it is faster to write the filename and then simply press the “Delete”-Button to delete the selected file compared with finding the file with Listary, pressing Escape and then deleting it. This also counts for choosing an action from the context menu, since the Listary-Menu doesn’t support shortcuts to choose an action.
In summary this workflow is not always ideal, so an explicit hotkey for activating listary in the explorer would be very beneficial. At the moment, this is the feature I am mostly missing.
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