Excluding certain drives from indexing?

I am sorry if I should have found answer on this question somewhere.

I am using the latest Beta.

Q1: Is there a way to explicitly exclude some logical drives from the indexing/search?

Q2: Where and in what form is Listary storing the indices of local drives?

Q3. Can the same portable Listary installation be used on more than one PC? - This question is about drive indexing and not about licensing.

I am asking these questions because it could perhaps be a security issue if I am using Listary on different machines and not able to control what indices are on my USB stick.

Thank you!



The index of disk search stays in memory and will never be saved to your disk, so you don’t need to worry at all about these questions.

Hi Channing.

Sorry, but I worry about the first question…

I don’t want to use search results from many folders / drives on my systems.
E.g.: .git / .svn repositories.
The system drive (C:), because I always separate data from installation things.
A few other drive letters (NTFS formatted USB Sticks / backup medias, etc.).

Without exclusions (of filetypes & folders), an internal implementation of Everything is rather useless (for me). I’m back to the last beta and Everything because all these “unnecessary” indices pollute my search results in Listary so much :wink:



Exclusions will be added in the next release.