Exclude File Types in searching

Hello, Channing

Last year i posted a question,

Using version 6, how do i go about exclude/Ignore certain file types in the search results from being indexed.
Examples are .jpg .mov .mp3 .docx
I got help from another user on how to do this.

Add Rule popup window with 2 options which are File name (regex) and Priorty . Type in a regex string \.(jpg|mov|mp3|docx)$ for the first option and select Ignored for the second. That’s all. In the regex, \. matches a dot . in the file name, and $ matches the end position.

Doing this does not work and you said in your reply post Nov 2022
"Seems to be a bug. We’ll look into it."

I really like this software and would buy the Pro version, but until this is fixed
I can’t use this program in my on my daily production PC

Please can you look into this issue and have a fixed?

Thank you.

.(jpg|mov|mp3|docx)$ works perfect here.
I guess you added it as a folder exception.
You have to define it as a file exclusion with the filter symbol.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1702)
Listary Pro

Hi horst,
Thank you for your reply. I did have it as Ignored and the same as your screenshot.
What I have done is delete the Ignore rules and started again.
I also made sure the index did a rebuild.

It’s all working now!

Be great if you could just edit the rule without deleting and re adding the rule, if you wanted to add further file types.

Thanks again for your help.

Thanks to Channing