[Enqiry]How does Listary determine the 3 Computer for Pro License

Love the Listary from the trial usages and just about to purchase the pro license while noticing the feature “Install it on up to 3 computers owned by you”.

Just curious how the 3 computers are determined. Say if i format the whole HDD and install a brand new OS(or having a new HDD when the old one crashed), will it be treated as a new computer? If so, is there a procedure to un-link the old computer from the lincense?

Nevermind, just found the answer in another thread: 简体中文本地化以及授权问题
Listary Pro will be surely working on the last 3 activated machines, the license will expire after a certain period on other machines.So no need to reformat, delete listary or un-register etc.