Enhancements: Add to TC, Add to Recent

Here is what I miss after a couple of days of using Listary (which is a well-thought-out app). Maybe some of this is possible already?

1. Current File Folder:
Example: I’m opening Test.doc with a file explorer. Then I want to open another file from the same location from within MS Word. But the Open dialog will now default to the My Documents folder, not where the current open file is located. Could this be added as a choise in Listary? Maybe add this folder to the Recent list?

2. Add to Recent:
Sometimes I want to add a folder temporarily, not as a permanent favorite.

3. Add to Total Commander:
Listary can read the TC Directory hotlist, but not write to it.


Thank you very much for your suggestions!

  1. Simply press Ctrl+G when the Open dialog pops up.
  2. I’ll consider this.
  3. Sorry that currently there is no plan to add this feature because Listary can’t make changes to TC configuration file while TC is running.
  1. Ctrl+G will “switch to the last opened folder in file manager”, which is a very useful command, I have added it to my favorites list. But it will not switch to the folder where the currently opened file is saved. I realize this could be tricky to intercept.

  2. Thanks!

  3. I see.