Employer security team concerned about Listary

I’ve been using listary for many years now, and it’s completely changed the way I work.
However, my employer’s security team recently told me I need to uninstall it as they can’t guarantee that the index file isn’t sent off to a 3rdy party and potentially used nefariously somehow… I know this is extremely likely not the case, but I guess you can’t be too careful these days

However, I’m slowly dying without it… I just used Windows File Explorer (which they said was the native alternative to a 3rd party indexer) to search for something and it literally took 32 minutes to return all the results. I don’t even know how to express how deeply concerning this is.

Has anyone had the same issue and found a resolution?
Otherwise, I may have to quit using a computer altogether. Life is not the same

I use Listary and Everything but sometimes also the Windows Index for large content…
There is definitely no delay if you let Windows index your files and contents.
Of course if you don’t run the Windows index every search has to scan the whole disks.

Windows can’t index the Google Drive mounted drive though from what I can see. And even with all files indexed on C:, it still takes 30-120s to return results from there. It’s excruciatingly slow… and half the time it doesn’t even find what you’re looking for and know is there…