Drag and Drop

I Am trying to make drag and drop to favorite folder but i cant
Is this future supported and if yes how to do that ?
I am using 5.00.284 version on win 7 32bit

Thanks in advance

It’s not recommend to use Options to add favorites.

Just open the target folder in Explorer, click mouse middle button to activate Listary popup menu, then click Add Here.

Thank you friend

But what about applications that we want to add ?
Is there some short way ?


I’ll add an Action for that.

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Actually i find a nice way to do that too
Created Folder and Added all need shortcuts to that folder.
Just add that folder and voila

What i suggest to do is: To make listary Run application as admin so we can skip UAC Prompt.
You can Refer to SyMenu Application as well - Its just a Idea.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks for the info. I’ll check SyMenu.