Double mouse-click in Explorer to "Go UP in folders' hierarchy"


Is it possible to implement to Listary a feature, which will not show pop-up menu when double mouse-click’ing in the empty folder’s space, but would “GO UP” in folders’ hierarchy?

It would be really helpful feature.

Thanks in advance.

This can already be accomplished by using the Backspace key.

It doesn’t suit for me… every time, to look where is the Backspace key. Instead of simply making double-click.

Thank you, that’s an interesting idea. Listary will be continuously updated in the future.
However, there will be many practical implementation problems when assigning multiple functions to the mouse using external software.
Listary currently has a hotkey function. For the mouse, you can use the official software to assign functions.
Currently, that is the most optimal way for your case.

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To be honest that’s really not an ideal situation vs current implementation. Double clicking on an empty space to bring up the pop-up is fantastic and for many it’s already in their muscle memory so the majority won’t be happy at all!
Unless of course an option is added that will allow swapping the ideas like your suggestion so if anyone wanted they could easily change it in the options.

Thanks for the suggestion.

On most keyboards, the Backspace key is on an easy to find location and even larger.