Double-click on any part of the empty area in Explorer doesn't work anymore

I presently used Listary on my Netbook (XP-SP3) for few months now and since a couple of days I’m unable to access the pop-menu by double-clicking on an empty part of the Desktop. I first tried to reintall (the set-up release) and secondly downloaded the last release. But unfortunately, theese two tries didn’t solve the problem.

Lastly, I saved the config.xml before deleting it and relaunch Listary top see if I recovered that fonction: with a brand new config.xml, the double-click opens the pop-menu!

So, it 's probably due to an element in the I previouly used. As I don’t want to loose all my favorites I would know where in my config.xml I can look to solve this problem…

Thanks a lot for any help,


Please try to check “Double click in empty area to activate Listary…” in Listary Options - Keyboard and Mouse - Mouse.