DOpus folder change stopped

I use DOpus and installed Listary 4.02.1355. If I popped up Listary within DOpus and typed some folder name, on selecting that folder in Listary DOpus would change to it.

I’ve now installed Listary 4.02.1360 and this no longer works. That is, DOpus just stays open at the original folder. I checked that it works as expected in Windows Eplorer (it does).


This is really weird. v1360 doesn’t change anything related to this issue. And it worked well in my tests. Could you please restart Listary/DOpus/your computer and try again?

Hi, I have just installed version 4.02.1360 (fresh install) and have the same problem. Listary works fine in Windows explorer (Win7) but not in Directory Opus 9.5. It does not open a folder as it does in Windows explorer, no matter what I do: pressing enter, pressing right arrow key and selecting Open folder.


Please update to the latest version of Directory Opus (10.5).

I would but their upgrade policy is rather prohibitive given that an upgrade costs nearly as much as the full version…

Yes, I am on DOpus 9.5 too (didn’t realise that might be significant). I’m not going to upgrade DOpus since it does what I want and I can’t afford an upgrade (we’re on a family thing so the upgrade is 3x the normal price).

But the issue, from my view, is that Listary did work with it OK before the upgrade and now it doesn’t. It would be better from my view to downgrade Listary than upgrade DOpus :slight_smile:

Directory Opus added support for Listary in (Beta). Check its change log:

Added a command to DOpusRT (/info) that allows third-party tools to access the list of currently displayed folders and files in Opus (this will allow improved support by tools like Listary).

It’s impossible for Listary to support older versions of DOpus (and vice versa).

I think I may have just found a workaround for DOpus 9.5. I’ll test it tomorrow.

It would be very cool if you can manage to get it working with 9.5. With the upgrade discount it would still cost me $179 to move to 10.x, and even though that’s Australian dollars it’s still too much of a hit in real money :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree with dunking. It would definitely be great.

Hi Channing, any progress on this? - Thanks.


No progress yet :frowning: