Don't understand how to exclude

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I am confused. How do you now exclude a folder from index results?

Simply click the second “Exclude a drive or folder” button in Listary Options - Index.

I am exluding C:\Users\xyz\Copy, but folders and files in that directory still show up?

Do they show up in the List section or the Path section? If you create a new file in that folder, can you still get that file via searching? Some entries may come from History instead of disk search. You can try the “Clean History” button in Listary Options - History.

Thanks, that’s the trick, I cleaned history and here we go!

Bingo! I have tried folder exclusions and exclude filter - couldn’t get rid of the folder/path I didn’t want to see - until I came across this post.

Maybe a balloon pop-up when you set an exclusion or drive/folder filter to remind folks History is at play here, too.


Listary will try to remove corresponding history entries automatically in future versions.