Does anyone have a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar?

Hello everyone,

Beta testers needed for a small macOS utility created for Touch Bar (Macbook Pro).

Haptic Touch Bar

The missing haptic feedback for Touch Bar keys (Escape, F1, F2, etc.)

Haptic Touch Bar uses the built-in haptic engine of your Macbook Pro to provide haptic (force) feedback when you pressing a keyboard key on the Touch Bar.


Please leave feedback and testimonials if you find it useful.

It works well in my 2016 Macbook Pro w/ Touch Bar, Sierra(10.12.6).

I heavily use vim and vim simulation mode in VS Code and WebStorm. It is truly useful and intuitive to have an force feedback when I press the ESC.

I love this app.

Thanks for your feedback! A free license has been sent to you.

Are you using 13" or 15" MBP?

It’s a 13’’.