Do you want to allow this software to make changes to windows?

Hello !

Listary Pro recently updated under windows 7
which did not happen in the old version, because Listary starts with the system, there is now an alert at each start of windows 7 :
[Do you want to allow this software to make changes to windows ?]
I could not take a screen shot.
Every time I start Windows 7, I have to answer YES.
Is it possible to fix this small dysfunction for a next version ?
Thank you for your help.

This happens if the ListaryServiceV2 is not installed or stopped.
The installer makes this normaly for you.
Check if the ListaryServiceV2 is running and reinstall if not.

After I confirmed the request at startup, there is in the task manager/process :

  • Listary.Service.exe *32
  • ListaryHookHost32.exe *32
  • ListaryHookHost64.exe

I redid the installation and restarted window 7, and the request is still there, this time I answered NO, and an alert box says:

[Failed to start Listary Service, please restart Listary. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): L’opération a été annulée par l’utilisateur
à System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
à Listary.Core..() dans <6obXaEfspcFFeiz6TldrXfdIggtopu4QDwTQfX9WvYFPC0dRV9dgpwlYtA5+C/3lrFniTVSb+Sxm3J9zP9nGZw==>:ligne 58
à Listary.Core.ListaryApp.Start(String errorMessage) dans <6obXaEfspcFFeiz6TldrXfdIggtopu4QDwTQfX9WvYFKp03EJTWD2khTLV81y8cXik3vLEwaTuoyUDnGbFwjMw==>:ligne 66]

Only Listary.exe in the task manager/process but Listary don’t run, and I don’t have the Listary functions, and when I start Listary, the request message comes back.
Do you think I should uninstall completely and reinstall?

I confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling does not change anything, the alert at startup is still present. This has never happened since I started using Listary, the latest version was 5.00.2843
Moreover, there is a very practical feature that has disappeared: when doing a search (2 x CTRL or under the explorer window), when there are files in the answers, it is no longer possible to right-click to choose to go to the file folder.
The old graphics were also much more beautiful.
In these conditions the new version 6 is not attractive, and to my great regret, I will have to return to version 5.00.2843

Thank you very much for your help

Thats not the case for me.
Here I can right click one of the results and get the required context menu.
Screenshot - 22.06.2022 , 17_43_00

Screenshot - 22.06.2022 , 17_43_32

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.739)
Listary Pro