Diving into subfolders

Simple situation. I know what I want and where file to find.
Example path:

I want write:
“D: work client”
and see content of “client” folder

instead I must write:
"D:\ work\ client"
It’s not comfortable write Alt+92 again and again on czech keyboard :slight_smile:
Fuzzy navigation can’t do this.

What? Czech keyboard doesn’t have “”? :open_mouth:

Something like “D: work client” may list lots of unexpected results in usual cases. Instead, I’ll consider making the “” keyword for path search configurable.

This is czech keyboard layout: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ed/Keyboard_layout_Czech.svg/450px-Keyboard_layout_Czech.svg.png

Sometimes is backslash near the shift: http://michal.tisnof.cz/grafika/f16_cza.png but it’s not the rule.

Normal slash “/” could be ok.